Black Cherry Bakewell Cake

Me again. Baking alot? I think so. I’m been waiting with excitement for this bake to land on my sideboard. Literally cannot contain myself. Bakewell tarts are amongst my favourite, EVER! So here we have a twist on the tart, it’s a cake!! The idea comes from the BBC good food site, once I saw it in all it’s glory it got added to my baking queue (yes, I have a one!)

Black Cherry Bakewell Cake


A gorgeous almond cake, filled with black cherry conserve, topped with a thick smooth icing and toasted almonds. Could you ask for anything more? I couldn’t! I love almond, they bring childhood memories right back, even just the taste. Come on, try it, you know you want to.

You will need;

Electric mixer.
Sturdy mixing bowl.
2 – 20cm round cake tins.
Baking paper.
200g of softened butter.
200g of golden caster sugar, I use half white half brown.
4 eggs.
100g ground almond.
100g self raising flour.
1tsp baking powder.
1tsp of natural almond extract.
For the icing;
100g of icing sugar.
6-8 tbsp of water.
Half a jar of black cherry conserve (for the filling).

Preheat oven to gas mark 4/180 degrees. Cream your butter and sugar until light. Add 2 of your eggs with half of your flour and beat until incorporated, then repeat with remaining flour and eggs. Mix in your ground almonds, extract and baking powder followed by a pinch of salt. Line your baking tins and spoon mixture evenly between each tin. Put in middle of oven for 25-30 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool in tins for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack. While waiting for the cake to cool mixing you icing sugar and water until you form a thick paste, but that will run slightly. When cakes are completely cool, put one cake top side down and spread with a generous amount of jam (I use half a jar) and position next cake on top, do this whichever side is going to give you a nice level top. Spread the icing to the sides of the cake and allow to drip down the sides as it wants to before sprinkling with toasted almonds. Your done! Voila!

Enjoy mid afternoon with a cup of strong tea. Just a suggestion. This would make the perfect occasion cake to enjoy with family, or by yourself. It’s just that nice. Enjoy and check back soon for more bakes. Thanks for looking. Please follow, and tell your friends.


Blueberry Marshmallow Cupcakes

I think I dreamt about these last night, during the tossing and turning, added to the toddler kicking me after howling to get in our bed early morning *yawn*. To keep her entertained today we baked – together. She always loves to get involved where blueberries are concerned. I’m suprised she hasnt turned into a blueberry, the rate she gets through them. Im also suprised there were some left in the fridge to do this bake. What a suprising day! Wish I could call these muffins, but im afraid that would be baking fraud. The rise and texture isnt in keeping with a muffin although you rarely seen fruit in a cupcake. But im not going to commit a crime and call this a muffin, maybe a muffin recipe to follow in the coming weeks. To bake this yummyness, follow the steps below..

Blueberry & Marshmallow Cupcakes


You will need;

A large mixing bowl.
A wooden spoon.
Weighing scales.
A toddler – optional.
12 deep muffin cases.
12 hole baking tray.
250g of salted butter.
250g of caster sugar.
220g of self raising flour.
1 tbsp of pure vanilla extract.
4 tbsp of milk.
blueberries – preferably fresh, but frozen would be fine id imagine – amount optional
mini marshmallows – amount optional
a few pinches of dark brown sugar

To start preheat your oven to gas mark 4/180 celcius. In your mixing bowl cream your butter until smooth, then beat in the sugar until fluffy and fully incorporated. Mind toddler fingers (!), if using, they like to dip and lick already. For the next stage I like to add 1 egg and 1/4 of the flour together and incorporate in batches, repeat until youve added all your eggs. After measure out your milk and vanilla and gently fold into the mixture. Add the desired amount of blueberries and marshmallow and set bowl to the side. Be quick here, if using optional toddler, they will take handfuls when your back is turned. Place each muffin case in the allocated slot for baking. Fill each one 3/4s full, allow a little space for a rise. WARNING – dont be a spoil sport, allow the toddler to get its head in the bowl and clean it for you! My daughter told me off for using all the mixture in all the cases and demanded some was put back into the bowl. Beggar! Sprinkle each cake with a pinch or 2 of dark brown sugar for a nice crunchy top and golden colour. Throw in the oven for between 30-40 minutes until risen and golden, or until cake tester comes out clean. Leave to cool for 15 minutes or so and enjoy with a nice cup of tea, I like earl grey with blueberry, lovely!

Hope youve enjoyed todays bake, I know we have. Try it, its beautiful. So beautiful infact they probably wont last very long at all, even in a household of 2 or 3. I might even suggest doubling the measurements for a household of over 4, they deserve it! Please feel free to follow, comment and share on..

Honey Chocolate Oat Cookies

Today’s bake is simple, my cupboards are lacking anything interesting as my daughters birthday is just around the corner. My budget is stretched, so my baking is stretched too! This bake is simple, even for the most unorganised, or amateur baker. Most ingredients are lingering in your cupboards, I bet you. You may have to take a trip to the back, but I’m sure every household has the required ‘staples’ here goes..

Honey & Chocolate Oat Cookies!


I love the odd cookie bake, I don’t do it often. Both my partner and daughter love a good homemade cookie, the bigger the better of course, but they get what they are given. I never force a cookie to be something it doesn’t want to be. For this reason they never let me down. Plus this one is a tad healthy. Follow me..

You will need;

A sturdy bowl.
Weighing scales.
A wooden spoon (although I prefer a electric mixer for a quick bake).
Wire cooling rack.
50g of butter.
50g of sugar (I use half brown half white).
1 egg.
50g wholemeal flour.
1tsp baking powder.
80g of oats.
3tbsp of honey.
2tbsp of maple syrup.
A pinch of sea salt.
80g of smashed up 74% chocolate.

Preheat your oven to gas mark 4/180 degrees. Start by creaming your butter and sugars until light, add the egg, mix until incorporated. Then mix in your flour and baking powder, followed by the oats. Indulge in your honey and syrup, and add your chocolate (you can use nuts, fruit, raisins if you prefer, I would of added raisins but they don’t go down well with the cookie monsters. Huff!)
Using a dessert spoon, spoon dollops of mixture onto a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper. Make sure to leave about 5cms between each cookie to let them have space to spread their wings if they do wish, remember don’t force them! When done pop into the oven for 15 minutes, I don’t like a crunch with this cookies, they are quite soft. If you wish for a crunch cook for longer until they start to brown, although be warned they won’t be very crunchy as the recipe is rather moist. Cool on a wire rack! This recipe and quantity will yield 12 cookies.

Hope you enjoy, please, as always check back soon for more recipes. Don’t eat them all at once 😉 although we probably will. Bakes around here don’t tend to last after a few hours, if that! Happy baking x


Chocolate Oil Cake w/ A Cheeky Almond Addition

Nightmare! Open fridge, no butter.. Hate it when this happens. But my baking revolves round a strict budget, so when there’s no butter, I mean there is NO BUTTER.

I want to bake, there is a way around my butter free fridge. One word, oil. It is your friend. If you want a light fluffy cake. I’m talking, it feels like you have a cloud in your mouth (yes, a cloud!).

Chocolate Oil Cake & A Cheeky Almond Addition


So I have a need to bake, I’m an addict. Today is this moist, fluffy chocolate cake. I’m making into cupcakes today, and adding ground almond to half the mixture for an added something. If you want to try this recipe follow as below, it’s the perfect treat for someone that cannot have diary, and it’s a delicious treat for anyone (they won’t even notice the missing egg, or butter – I promise).

You will need;

A wooden spoon.
A large mixing bowl.
A sieve.
12 hole muffin tray.
Weighing scales.
24 cupcake cases.
250g white sugar.
230g of plain flour.
3g baking powder.
3g bicarbonate of soda.
A pinch of salt.
40g cocoa powder.
280ml of water.
150ml of vegetable oil.
2tsp quality vanilla extract.
1.5tsp distilled vinegar.
Optional 100g of ground almond (to be added to remaining mixture, after 12 cupcakes produced)

Go ahead, rev that oven up. Gas mark 4/180 Celsius is best. Get your bowl ready and sieve all the dry ingredients and mix until fully incorporated. Measure and pour in all your wet ingredients and beat (I beat by hand when not using butter, but a mixer will do the same job). Don’t worry about the consistency, this is a runny mixture. Voila cake mix done! Arrange your cupcake case into their allocated slot in the tray. Fill each cake about half to 2/3s full to allow space for the rise. Bake for around 20-25 minutes until they spring back when touched and pull out onto a wire rack to cool. I only used half the mix for 12 cupcakes so for the last batch I added around 100g of ground almond to the remaining mixture and place as before in the cupcake tray. Your can add any topping to your finished cupcake. I’m undecided yet, so I’ll leave this to use. Be adventurous and let your creative juices flow. A vanilla buttercream would work well, although the cakes will no longer be dairy free.

Happy baking! Please come back soon for more recipes. Enjoy your cakes, and always be proud of your make. It’s too easy to stroll to the shop and pick up your favourite packet mix or ready made cake.

Maple Walnut Flapjack

So I’ve decided, I’m going to blog this year. Tried starting last year but just couldn’t get into it. This year for me it’s about experimenting in my kitchen, starting today..


Maple & Walnut Flapjack
So welcome to day one in an exciting year. I’m officially letting everyone that wants to join me, into my virtual (okay real) kitchen. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with maple this year, it’s on my porridge, and is plunging into my baking. It’s not a new product, nor is it really a unknown or experimental product but for me it is. I’ve never liked maple, not ever, until 2012. Today is a spur of the moment flapjack – although let it be known I think many a baker bake on a spontaneous moment. My cupboards are always screaming to bake, you can hear them, I promise!

If you want to try this, do it. It’s going to be however you want it to be, flapjack is adaptable to everyone’s needs and likes. I love a gooey chewy flapjack. One that you can’t walk past without stealing a taste. It’s all about the syrup levels and baking time to achieve this.

You will need;

A wooden spoon
A lovely heavy bottom non stick saucepan.
200g of oats.
125g of butter.
125g of sugar (I use half white, half dark brown – for a good flapjack brown sugar is essential).
3tbsp of golden syrup
2tbsp of maple syrup (for a maple explosion use all maple instead of golden too).
To your hearts desire, crushed walnut.

To get started melt butter, syrup and sugars over a low heat. When melted take the pan off the heat and tip in your oats, nuts and coat well with the syrupy mixture. It really is that easy! Line a tray, the bigger the tray the thinner and crunchier the flapjack. I personally use a ceramic roaster, lined with baking paper about 20cm in size. I spread the mixture to the sides and don’t flatten but rough up for some added texture. Pop this in a pre heated oven at gas mark 4/180 Celsius after an initial 5 minutes I turn down to gas mark 2/150 Celsius for the remaining 20 mind until the edges are just turning golden. Then I remove from the oven and allow to cool for around 30-40 mins. Mind those tempted fingers, the syrup gets lava hot!! When cooled cut to desired size and enjoy with a proper English tea – just a suggestion 😉


Will be adding more soon, including experimenting with basil in cake baking, and also rose, when I can get hold of it. I’m excited for this year. Tell a friend to tell a friend and of course, happy baking!! x

Announcing the birth of a baking blog..

After deliberating for a few months I’ve finally taken the plunge into the world that is blogging. Really dont know where I am right now, besides my cosy South London living room. Lord, this is going to take some getting used to. I’ll annouce the birth of ‘realitybitesbaking’ today inspired by baking in the world that is reality. Running around after a 2 year old, running a house. It’s hard work, but my passion helps me out a lot. I hope you enjoy my blog, and walk through the many ups and (hopefully not so many) downs.