Homemade Chicken Fajita

Everyone has this ‘why’ feeling about something. Packet mixes are one of mine. Fajita’s are a popular dish across the world, they are on the table of many a household in the middle of the week. The sales of pre mixed packets of seasoning for such dishes must be staggering. I always ask myself why? Even if you cant/won’t cook its so simple to go homemade, especially with these. If your looking to serve more homemade food to your family this is a great way to start. 

My mix contains just 3 spices. In large UK supermarkets these 3 spices will set you back around 69-99p per 100g. Compared the the price of a well known branded fajita kit this saving is huge. The DIY dinner kits you see in supermarkets for £3+ contain 1 seasoning mix, 8 flour tortilla and 1 sachet of salsa. My seasoning mix costs on average 15p, tortillas cost me £1 and a salsa/guacamole/sour cream dip would cost under £1 also. Big difference. 

Try it for yourself. I promise you, one, that you wont ever go back and two, you’ll start asking why too. 

Dont even get me started on microwave baked potato! Is it just me?




2tsp Cumin

1-2tsp chilli Powder (depending on heat required)

1tsp Paprika or Smoked Paprika

1tbsp Tomato Puree

220g Chicken

1 Red Pepper

1 Onion 

1 Small Bunch of Spring Onion

1tbsp Olive Oil


First heat your frying pan on a medium heat. Slice your pepper and onion as desired and add to the hot oil. Stir until onion is translucent.

Slice the chicken in bite size strips and add to the pan with the vegetables. Allow to fry until sealed. To this add the tomato puree and spices. You may need around 2tbsp of water at this point, just to loosen it up a bit. Leave for 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Chop in the spring onion and take off the heat. 

I recommend serving with fresh salad, tortilla wraps and sour cream and chive dip. Potato wedges are a must too. 



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